The Advice Forum seeks to provide the following;

  • An electronic environment where those seeking assistance for protecting their workplace rights can put their issue out for consideration by others in a similar situation and by labour law professionals and experts;
  • A place for legal/labour practitioners to respond publicly to current workplace disputes and issues raised;
  • A safe place for those facing labour law hardship to establish and evaluate their various options with the help of professionals and those who have been through similar problems.   


Advice Seekers:   For those preferring to communicate electronically, we are proud to present the Labour Protect Advice Forum.  As your query ( and the subsequent advice) is viewable to the public making use of the Forum, we suggest that you remain anonymous.  (You would hate those involved to become aware of your seeking advice.)  The advantage of using the Labour Protect Advice Forum is that as more than one labour expert can respond,  you can better judge the approach of the various experts.  This facility should only be used as an on-line discussion Forum for obtaining labour law advice.  (Labour Protect's "Terms of Use" set out below apply.)  Be sure to check regularly on this site to view responses to your query.
Advice Providers:   Presently Labour Protect allows all labour attorneys/ experts (not only those who are linked to the Labour Protect 0860 LABOUR/ 0860 522687 telephone number) to be Advice Providers.   We encourage new Advice Providers to respond to the various issues raised by the Advice Seekers.  This Forum can be used not only to help Advice Seekers with labour law problems, but for you to grow your professional reputation and ultimately your business.  Unlike the Advice Seekers who we suggest remain anonymous, we require that you provide details of the following: Full name; qualification, professional association and location.  This is required to help Advice Seekers evaluate your credibility in the labour field.  (Labour Protect will be monitoring your compliance in this regard.) 


You can:

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As this is not a "chat-room", you must revisit the Advice Forum to check on responses.


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Please note:  By using this Forum you hereby agree to accept the following "Terms of Use":  Labour Protect does not warrant the accuracy or currency of the information provided.  Any information must be used in conjunction with the telephonic assistance of a labour law expert.  You hereby agree that Labour Protect will not be liable for any damages that may arise from any advice provided.