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Who must contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund:

All employees who work for more than 24 hours per month must contribute to the Fund.  It is illegal for employers not to make the deduction from your earnings.  

  • Contributions must be made for domestic workers who work for an employer for more than 24 hours per month. (Domestic workers are defined as any person who works in a private household for more than 24 hours a month and includes a gardener, a person employed to drive a vehicle for the household or a person who takes care of any member of that household);

  • Contributions must be made even for employees who are paid in kind; 

  • Members of a CC must pay UIF in respect of those months in which they receive an income.

An employer must keep a record of the employment of casuals who work only 3 days, leave for a period and return at intermitten periods.  

If an employer works from home and the domestic worker works in both the private household and for the home business, the employer must register in respect of the private household and in respect of the home business and separate records must be maintained. 

If the employee is not a South African citizen he/she will not be able to contribute or receive benefits.  Only persons in possession of a 13 digit bar-coded Identity Document must contribute to the Fund and will be allowed to claim benefits. Non South African citizens wishing to contribute and claim must apply for a 13 digit ID document from Home Affairs. 

Payments to the Fund:

The amount that should be deducted from your salary is equal to 1% for the total of all earnings, excluding commission.  In addition to the 1% that is paid by the worker, the employer also contributes 1% for the worker.  The total contribution that is paid to the Fund is therefore 2%.  

Contributions can be made monthly and annually in advance either by cheque or cash or on the >>  UIF government website.  Once the information has been validated, a unique reference number will be sent to the employer by email or by post, depending on which method the employer chooses.

Administration by the Fund:

The Fund has established an employer/employee database in which all the employment details of the workers are stored.  The old blue card (UF 74 card) has become redundant and replaced by this electronic system.  It is the responsibility of the employer to send the details of all its workers to this database on a monthly basis or when there is a change in the details of the workers.

Effective date:

Changes in the Unemployment Insurance Legislation in terms of the new Unemployment Insurance Act (Act 63 of 2001) came into effect from 01/04/2002

This document is based on information provided by the Department of Labour.   

>>  Republic of South Africa Unemployment Insurance Act, 2001

>>  Unemployment Insurance Contributions, Act 4 of 2002 

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