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Why you should consider joining Labour Protect

Labour Protect is committed to assisting our Members win the fight in the workplace.  Many employers have access to lawyers, un-ending pools of funds for litigation, information at the end of telephone to experienced HR experts and advocates etc.  Is it not time to have the balance of power restored? Is it not time to join a trade union that is committed to give a voice to the voiceless workers of South Africa?

As one of our Members we can:
- Assist you with challenging any unfair dismissals in the CCMA and Labour Courts;
- Assist you if you are a victim of discrimination or victimization in the workplace;
- We will protect you if you are unfairly treated at work;
- We will fight for you individual rights; such as being overlooked for a promotion or being sidelined at work.... and much more

(We do not assist with matters that already exist when you join, or that occur within the first three months of you joining, so JOIN NOW so that you are protected when problems arise in the workplace!)

What is the history of Labour Protect

We have existed for over a decade! Labour Protect, was formed as an employee association/trade union in 2000 by attorney Roger Brown to assist employees restore the power balance in the workplace

Labour Protect formed alliances with a network throughout South Africa with some of the best labour lawyers who shared the same vision to assist the employee who did not have the deep pockets to take on the "gung-ho" employers;

During the early 2000s we established the national Labour Protect network of attorneys and labour law experts who became legionary for their expertise and successes in litigating and protecting the rights of those seeking help;

After contiuned growth, Labour Protect approached the Department of Labour to formally register as a trade union to better protect the individual and group rights of our Members.  Currently Labour Protect operates as an (unregistered) trade union giving effect to the rights of all South Africans to join a trade union of their choice to protect their workplace rights.

Labour Protect is growing and flourishing under the continued leadership and guidance of its founder and current General Secretary, attorney Roger Brown.   JOIN NOW
Will I need the services of Labour Protect?
In the South African Workplace the following are common:
Discrimination; which could:
- Cost you the job you want...
- Cost you the job you are qualified to do...
- Result at you being offered a job at a lower salary than they offer to others...
- Result in you not being promoted...
- Cause you to be sidelined and ignored at work...
- Result in you not receiving an increase in salary when others are rewarded...
- Cause you to lose your job...
- Affect your ability to provide for your family...
- Result in you not being trained in the organization...
Unfair Labour Practices
Non payment of salaries
Unlawful Retrenchment 

So why don't you   >> JOIN   Labour Protect NOW and protect your Workplace Rights. 

Why is there a three (3) month waiting period?

We work on a Membership basis. Employee are free to join us at any time but we think it is unfair for them to seek our services only after the crisis at work has hit.

We are committed to loyal members who have built this organisation not to those who seek to just use us our excellent services and then move on.